What Is It?



For more than twenty years Godspeed Ministries, under the direction of Larry Smiley has made available an outstanding Car Care Ministry!   Team Leader, Roger Egleston assists and supervises with his valuable experience.

The scope of this ministry is this; YOU provide the parts – WE provide free labor for minor repairs and diagnostics to those who need assistance with fixing their vehicle.  It’s a fact that labor costs can hinder budgeting for car repairs. The consequence often results in an unsafe vehicle being relied upon for transportation.

You can benefit from the expertise of our Car Care Volunteers as they share their talents the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of most months. (See 2016 Schedule and Location tabs for schedule information.)   A second clinic visit to have the repairs done may be needed if you do not know what parts to purchase.  (Please call ahead of time.)  We will do our best to identify what is needed.  Time permitting, a repair could be done during the same clinic hours, however, if time is too limited a return visit should be expected for the repair.


Effective January 1st 2016:

  • Godspeed Car Care Ministry does not receive vehicles that cannot drive to the Clinic under their own power.
  • Godspeed Ministries does not accept applications for transportation assistance.
  • Godspeed does not sell, buy, or provide vehicles.
  • Godspeed does not have an inventory of parts or vehicles.
  • Godspeed does not loan money.
  • Godspeed technicians do not make service calls or provide roadside assistance.

The Godspeed Car Donation Program has been suspended.


How It Works

One does not have to meet certain criteria to receive help from Car Care Ministry.  Whether it is your first time to contact us, or you have been to one of our clinics before; you must call us to discuss your vehicle’s needs before coming to see us for help.  We will advise you if we have a volunteer qualified to make the minor repair or diagnostics you need and if said volunteer will be at the clinic you have in mind.  During the call we can often determine if this ministry will be able to help you.  

The Car Care Ministry does not make appointments nor do we operate on a first-come-first-served basis.

Car Care receives vehicles for repair on clinic days up until 9:15 a.m., giving priority to vehicle safety issues above all else.   Vehicles arriving after 9:15 a.m. may have to be rescheduled for a future clinic (even if you called ahead) as we are limited to a three hour clinic and rarely take in late arrivals.

  • We do not change oil or fluids.
  • We do not flush or service any system such as transmissions, cooling systems or brake fluid.
  • We do not work on transmissions, clutches for manual transmissions, or replace head gaskets.

Our volunteers will make a conscientious effort to first address a vehicle’s safety needs.   As time permits, they will proceed to other items we are qualified to diagnose/repair.

Often a reliable vehicle may have cosmetic/comfort needs that are not relative to safety.    It is not cost effective to pursue restorative type repairs.



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