What Is It?



Godspeed Ministries under the direction of Larry Smiley and expert supervision of Roger Egleston has an outstanding Car Care Clinic Ministry! You can benefit from the expertise of our Car Care Volunteers as they share their talents the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of most months doing diagnostics and simple repair for free.  You provide the parts. (See 2016 Schedule and Location tabs for more information.)


Godspeed Car Care Ministry regrets we no longer receive vehicles that cannot drive to the Clinic under their own power.


The Godspeed Car Donation Program has been suspended.

How it works:

When God lays it upon someone’s


heart to donate a serviceable vehicle to Godspeed Ministries, the Car Care Clinic gets busy. The vehicle is inspected by qualified individuals for what it may need to insure it will be a safe and dependable means of transportation. Minor repairs are performed and checked for quality control and performance to bring the vehicle up to a reasonable state of safe reliability. Not everything identified is repaired. Often a reliable vehicle may have cosmetic/comfort needs that are not relative to safety and it is not cost effective to pursue restorative type repairs. Safety is the main concern.  The members and providers at the Car Care Clinic make a conscientious effort to address this vital step as a personal commitment to those who will benefit from this unique outreach of Godspeed Ministries to bless God’s people.

Godspeed Ministries meets the need:

Godspeed Ministries receives applications for help with transportation needs. Vehicle recipients must first go through churches or local civic groups in order to meet the guidelines for receiving said vehicle.

When an applicant is approved and it is established that they need reliable transportation, they must have a valid driver’s license and be able to pay for insurance, tag, title and transfer. At that point Godspeed Ministries will provide the individual or family a vehicle at no cost as fits the need.

This vital ministry helps recipients with the mobility they need to attend church, maintain employment, go grocery shopping, visit loved ones and so much more! What a wonderful event that God, through this ministry, makes possible and all because someone donated a vehicle to Godspeed Ministries. Praise God!!